How Songwriters Can Network and Why It's Important - New Edition!

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How Songwriters Can Network and Why It's Important - New Edition!

Gilli Moon
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Self led video workshop to get your networking juices flowing. 1 hour video + PDF workbook

Recently Revised Edition with not 1 by 2 Workshop Recordings as well as a PDF Workbook to use along the way. Watch and read at your own pace, in your own time and own the content forever.

The words “self-promotion” and marketing always seem to be a given for Artists to get out there, but how can songwriters get themselves known, build their network, and make a successful career with their songs? This workshop will give you the ingredients to jumpstart your networking skills and you’ll learn why it’s important. If you’re not a songwriter, but working in the music business as either a musician, artist or music biz exec, these tips and tools will be equally beneficial. Filmed live with Gilli Moon at the Taxi Road Rally (Songwriters Conference), Los Angeles

BONUS footage, “Collaborating Virtually Online” is also included from a more recent online workshop. Yes, 2 workshops in one.

What you’ll get:

• A quick marketing and branding overview tailored for songwriters

• Why it’s important to get your message right and start networking

• Get clear with who you are and how to position yourself. For example, if you go to an event, or you introduce yourself in an elevator, you can clearly define who you are and what you are about.

• Understand the right way to network and what the right thinking is

• Get what you really want with my secret ingredient (hint: think not of yourself first…)

• Get tips and tools on where to network online, how to get out there, what are some of the places to build your business and relationships in the songwriting business.

• Get really clear with your whole brand and marketing strategy

• Tips and Tools on how to Collaborate virtually with other songwriters online.

As you watch this, you’ll ask yourself some deep questions and perhaps revisit your approach on how you are building your business and relationships.

The time is NOW to get outside of your box, and get into people’s faces. This will show you how.

I want this!

The ingredients to jumpstart your networking skills as a songwriter and you’ll learn why it’s important.

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